To start a new project click on “New” button. You have two options, ‘new project’ & ‘new project template’

But what’s the difference between project & project template?


You can create Worksets in the project file, but cannot in the template file. So, if your company wants standard Worksets, you’ll need to go with copying the project file, then opening it detached to create a new central.


If choose to create a new project template click on the down arrow of the Template file’s list, there is a four options, select the one depends on your project

If you want to select the Template depends on the Unit “Metric/ Imperial”, click on Browse and choose it


Another method to specify the template according to the unit, choose “None’ then click on “OK’

new project 4

A question will pop on about your unit, select it. And now you can start your new project.

new project 5

There is another method for creating a project template ‘Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing’ by using one of the prepared “Templates” directly as shown

new projects 6



To open an existing project click on “Open” button and select it

open project 1

You can place your project folder at the left section of the window which is called “Places list” by click on the folder and drag it to the left side then release it

open project 2

It will be placed as shown, now you can open your projects faster at the next time

open project 3

The last step, Revit asks you for saving the place or not, select “Yes”

open project 4

Another method for opening an existing project by select it directly from “Recent projects”




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