You can estimate cost for duct by using Schedule tool, at the Ribbon – View tab then click on the down arrow of Schedules – choose Schedule/Quantities


From the filter list choose Mechanical then at the Category choose Ducts then click on OK


Add fields to your schedule as shown

3To calculate costs we prepared two items: length and cost, firstly we make column for duct length by clicking on Calculated Value


Put a name to the (Calculated Value) related to the item you want to add, I named it Duct length, then at the Formula I wrote as shown (Length/1000) asking Revit to call every single item of duct and divide it / 1000 then click on OK


And secondly we make a value for cost


I named it (average Cost Per Meter) and put the formula as shown, because the price for each linear foot, so it will be converted the length first to meter by diving the conversion factor from feet to meter them will multiply it to the cost, click on OK


Now our schedule is ready for showing


The two right columns are the two Calculated Values we’ve created, Revit MEP calculated length then cost


We have now the total ductwork length and estimating the average cost.



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