Import autoCAD’s file which contains architecture and civil drawings. At the Ribbon select “Insert” then “Import CAD”.

import cad1

Select the CAD’s file.

Colors option:

Invert: reverse the color (red to blue and so on ….)

Preserve: import colored drawing as drawn in AutoCAD or Black and white


Layers, levels:

All: import all layers at the drawing

Visible: import only visible layers as AutoCAD setting

Specify: asking after importing about the layer you want to select


Import units: choose your unit as your CAD’s file, or select Auto-Detect: Revit will detect your units easily

import units

Positioning: specify the position of your CAD in the view


Places at: select your level “floor”

place at floor

You can select as shown

import cad2

After importing, to prevent it to move click on Pin


For editing your drawing, you can use same attribute in AutoCAD “Explode”, choose if you want to explode it partially or full.

If you select partially explode: you will explode only 2-D

But for all floors and 3-D too choose full explode


Save your project to start design your MEP project


Choose the file name then click on options


Specify how many backups you want then click on OK


Now you are ready to start your design



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