The Heating and Cooling Loads feature was designed following the specifications of the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. Using RTS method to determine peak loads.


To determine loads for a certain zone “area”:

Step 1: Select the zone, see how we can Add zone

Step 2: Apply the Project location then click the Heating and Cooling Loads tool:


Step 3: Specify your equipment type according to your application, here I’ve designed an extract system for Rest room, so I chose a CV fan. Read about Building service type.


Step 4: Specify your application type, see Space type

Step 6: Edit Electrical Loads


Step 5: Edit people data, see Change the values for Space Type




Step 7: click Calculate


Step 8: Project loads report will be created, and by Airflow rate (cfm) we can select the specific fan for the application.




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