To create pipes for running fluid, first we create a system then we create the pipes. Here we have a fan coil unit which placed for conditioning this space.


To create a hydronic System, Select the unit, from the ribbon click Piping


Window shows, select your System Type, first we create supply hydronic system


And name your system


Turn on the checkbox before Open System Editor


As shown, there is 1 item (the unit we selected) added to the system, click Finish Editing System


System has created, to show it, from the ribbon click down arrow of User Interface button, turn on checkbox of System Browser


At the System Browser window: select System and Piping at the View option, you can see all piping systems at the project, click the one has created, will show at your drawing inside a blue rectangular


Repeat last steps to create return hydronic system



After we created the system it’s time for drawing pipes, click the FCU at the drawing area, as shown, there’s 2 pipe connectors: In (supply) & Out (return)


Draw supply pipe, as shown the yellow circle, right click to call the command menu


Select Draw Pipe command


Draw the pipe and drag the drawing line to the length and location you want


Supply pipe


Return pipe


Or you can draw pipe directly, click on the pipe connector inside the yellow circle for the supply hydronic pipe, and the other red connector one for the return hydronic pipe


Now we got 2 pipe In & Out for our Fan coil Unit

16 17 18 19


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