Autodesk NavisWorks 2015

Autodesk NavisWorks 2015 : only $23 [ Take this course ] Volume Discounts Qty.                                         Get course for free 2-5                                           RVT MEP 2016 6-9                                           AUTOCAD MEP 2016 10+                                          BPA & BIM To get volume discount, or for any inquiry send a message معلومات الدورة Autodesk NavisWorks البرنامج الأقوى في برامج البيم والمعروف عنه بامكانيته الفائقة … Continue reading Autodesk NavisWorks 2015


Free Software Downloads – Autodesk Education

Access to Education home at Autodesk site to download free software What Will I Learn? Access to Autodesk Education Home Downloading a free software Install Autodesk software easily Requirements Available internet connection Description Asalamu Alikum, welcome to [Free Software Downloads - Autodesk Education] course I am going to show you how to: 1- Access to Education … Continue reading Free Software Downloads – Autodesk Education

AutoCAD MEP in Arabic

    About This Course Published 3/2016    Arabic Course Description كورس أوتوكاد ميب الاصدار 2016 بالعربية سأقوم في هذا الكورس بإيضاح أهم أدواته وكيفية استخدامها شرح واجهة المستخدم بالبرنامج وكيفية الوصول لها بسهولة كيفية استخدام ملفات العمل الموجودة للتمرين على معظم فيدوهات الكورس خطوة بخطوة أهم أدوات التعديل والعمل الموجودة بالبرنامج كيف نبدأ مشروع ميب … Continue reading AutoCAD MEP in Arabic

Steps for Modeling in Revit MEP

Any designer can model a system, but by a major steps her/his working on the project will be much easier. 1 - Add items of the system We can insert items / families into a project using insert family tool then by selector type section at the Properties Palette we place them to specific positions in building. 2- … Continue reading Steps for Modeling in Revit MEP

Introduction to BIM using Revit MEP

Revit is one of the BIM Programs which provides several tools for engineers to participate in BIM projects. One of these tools is Worksharing / Coordination, which is considered a major concept of BIM projects between coworkers. All information about facility (walls, floors, ceilings, roofs....,etc.) could be found, and systems inside the facility which could be inspected … Continue reading Introduction to BIM using Revit MEP

Create Plans and RCP |Revit MEP 2016

After copied levels at architecture link file by Copy/Monitor command, start creating plans and RCP for the levels. 1- Create Plans From the Ribbon/ View/ Plan Views/ Floor Plan Choose the levels you want to be created Be sure you turn on the check box for not duplicating views, then click OK. 2- Create Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP) From the … Continue reading Create Plans and RCP |Revit MEP 2016