To install an AutoCAD product, click Install, pick your country, click I Accept, click Next. Enter serial numbers and Product Key, click Next.

There are three packages to be installed, AutoCAD product, Autodesk ReCap and A360 Desktop, if you don’t need one of them just click uncheck.

Notice the correct sign before Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 which means that the product is already installed.


Specify files you want to install for AutoCAD by clicking the arrow, then click Install.

To install an AutoCAD MEP product, right-clicking a downloadable package, select Run as administrator, product installation window appears, click Install, it will take a while to estimate the files to be installed in your PC.

Pick your country, click I Accept, click Next.

There are many packages to be installed, click the check box to specify which package you want.

If I hover the mouse over the yellow triangle before Autodesk AutoCAD MEP 2017, a label text appears which has an indication that the AutoCAD MEP 2017 will be related to the AutoCAD 2017 and most of files will be copied in the same folder.

Specify the content you want to install for AutoCAD MEP by clicking the arrow, remember to select the major contents you will use in your MEP projects. Click the checkbox if you want to change a library folder location, or you can leave it as default, the required space will be evaluated.

Click Install, the duration of installation is depending on, how much files will be installed and speed of your PC. After the installation process, a completed window appears with a list of the successful and failed installed packages.

The product profiles shortcuts on desktop are created.

Click Finish to exit the window.

An alter window appears, select Yes to restart immediately or No to restart later.

After restarting, click the profile to open the product for the first time.

Migrate Custom Settings window appears, because I installed an AutoCAD MEP 2016, this window regarding to migrate settings for both versions, select between migrate tools by clicking Select ALL or specify some tools by clicking the checkbox for each, click correct sign.


Or you can click cross to exit the window without doing migrate.

Another alert window appears, because I installed several apps for AutoCAD, I should specify which one will open DWG files, select if you want to make Plain AutoCAD to open DWG files or not, click your preferred option.


Autodesk Licensing window appears, click Enter a Serial  Number, click Activate, enter Serial Number and Product Key, you can check your inbox for the keys, click Next.

The product activated, click Finish to exit the window.

And here we go, the AutoCAD MEP 2017 User Interface. Now you can start creating a new drawing to begin your project. You can see the Ribbon on the upper portion of the window, and tool palettes with contents depend on the profile I’ve opened.



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