Revit MEP has ability to calculate cooling and heating loads but what if your company is using HAP. Actually that’s not issue here because Revit provides the ability for exporting data to HAP. I will show you an easy steps to do that.

Click Application button at the upper left ribbon corner, search for Export list and select gbXML

Application Button/ Export/ gbXML
All building data

The building shows with all data such as spaces, zones, project informationService type, and others features which specifies for calculation loads. To start exporting click Next

Export gbXML

A window shows concerning the XML exporting file, specify name and location then click Save.

Project/ Import gbXML

Open HAP program, click Project at toolbar and select Import gbXML

Select file

Select the exported file from Revit and click Open

data proceeding

HAP will transfer all data at the exported file


HAP will ask you if you want to read the data report, if you pick up Yes, the following window appears

Transfered data Report
Spaces exported from Revit
Data imported into Project library

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